Danes N Dubs is held in Fruerlundparken,
Fruerlundvej 5, 9560 Hadsund, Denmark

You can buy tickets online until July 22, 2023 at 16.00. Entrance tickets can be purchased at the door all weekend.

The meeting officially starts on Friday June 30, 2023, at 09.00. However, it is possible for both guests and exhibitors to pre-start on Thursday June 29, 2023. Read more here.

Yes, you can buy weekend, Saturday, and Sunday tickets at the entrance all weekend. However, it may be sold out.

Yes, you can. It costs DKK 100 without a car and DKK 200 with a car.

For the safety of us all, there is a driving ban in the park during the period at. 22.00-08.00 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening / night. In case of emergency, of course, you will always be able to leave the park.

Children up to the age of 12 enter Danes N Dubs free of charge. Everyone over the age of 12 must buy a regular ticket. Remember that people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

In the event of rain or other challenging weather, Danes N Dubs will be conducted to the extent the weather permits. We do our best to ensure that regardless of the weather there will be plenty of entertainment and fun, but do not refund guests or exhibitor tickets. Danes N Dubs is a great weekend regardless of rain or heat wave.

Anyone who buys a weekend or Saturday-Sunday ticket can camp for free on the site in a tent or caravan. If you have a VAG car, you can park close to your tent or caravan. If you do not have a VAG car, you can park in the park’s car park at the entrance.

A VAG car (Volkswagen AktienGesellschaft) is a car produced by Volskwagen, Audi, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda Auto, Bentley, Bugatti or Lamborghini. The VAG group also consists of several truck brands and a single motorcycle brand. Danes N Dubs is for cars and vans, not trucks or motorcycles.

Everyone is welcome, but the meeting is basically reserved for VAG cars. From 2023, however, it is possible to apply for access with selected German car brands that do not belong to VAG. Read more here. Cars that are not VAG and are not approved for access must be parked in the large car park at the entrance.

No. We do not have electricity for tents, caravans or anything else. Any generators brought along must meet all the requirements of the law and may only be running between 08.00-23.00 and must not have a noise level higher than 90dbA measured 2 meters from the generator.
(We have neighbors close by)

No dogs allowed! It would be a mess in the park.

With a food ticket you get a delicious evening buffet on Friday and Saturday, as well as a breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday.
In addition, there is a selection of food stands in the park all weekend, where there is something for everyone. Should there be nothing for you, it is possible to shop in Øster Hurup and Hadsund.

The park is 37 acres with 2 large lakes.
At the entrance, there are toilets and a covered area we use for breakfast and evening buffet.
In the middle of the park there is a toilet and bath building as well as a bar down to the lake which we call the Cave.
On the opposite side of the lake there is a toilet cart.

At the camping area you can bring food and drink, including alcohol, for your own consumption. In the dining area and in the Cave, it is of course forbidden to bring your own food and drinks of any kind. Any form of resale will result in a ban from the park.
Draft beer facilities are not allowed!

No, of course not! There is zero tolerance for any kind of weapon (including knives) or narcotics. THERE IS NO WARNING. Violation of this results in a ban from the park and police reporting.
We also do not tolerate any violent, threatening behavior.

If you think it is necessary to contact emergency services, including firefighters, ambulance or police, you must call 112 and state what has happened and where you are. The address is Fruerlundvej 5, 9560 Hadsund. We also have our own emergency crew at the entrance. Find our crew or the guards, we are here to help you.

Yes, but only until 23:00 and at a moderate level.

You may camp throughout the park, except for the exhibit area. Check the signs.

A motorhome is a car, so the same rules apply as with all other cars. If it isn’t a VAG then it must stay in the parking lot at the entrance. If it is a VAG, you can camp in the same places as the caravans and tents.

No, you can ONLY grill in the barbecue area by the Cave. The grill must be put out immediately after use.

There are water posts set up where you can tap free tap water.

If it’s legal, it’s okay with us. If the caravan is left in the park, it will be removed at the responsible person’s own expense.

No. The fire department do not allow awnings on caravans in the park. Open awning is allowed.

No, the fire department does not allow that kind of thing due to fire hazard, so leave the living room at home. Minor things like camping chairs, small tables, etc. are ok.

No, the fire department does not allow this due to fire hazard. Smaller tents and pavilions without sides are allowed (maximum 3×3 meters). If these are left in place, they will be removed at the responsible person’s own expense.

No, it is not allowed to put up at draft beer machine, giant speakers, lightshows and so on in the camp. Smaller speakers are allowed until 23:00.

Yes, if it has wheels and is driven by pedals it is ok. If it is motorized it is not allowed.

No. The traffic law applies throughout the park, so pocket bikes, motorized scooters and such are not allowed.

Basically, we don’t mind. However, we would like to encourage you not to do dangerous things like roof terraces or things like that. REMEMBER that you must clean up after yourselves by taking the caravan and all accessories home with you.

You can save a little space for a friend, but not large areas. If the space is needed by others, you must give it up, no discussion. It is not possible to book camping areas, not even for car clubs.

Yes, of course, we have a toilet/shower building, and it is free.

Yes, you can go to the bar, but you are not allowed to buy alcohol, or have others buy it for you.

You can save a little space for a friend, but not large areas. If the space is needed by others, you must give it up, no discussion. It is not possible to book camping areas, not even for car clubs.

We can always use good people to help. In our crew we always have great fun together, and you are more than welcome. We provide tickets and food as a thank you for the help. Do you want to join us? Then contact us at jsm@dub-event.dk.

A lot of companies want to show their products to Danes N Dubs. They more than welcome to do so. Contact us at skj@dub-event.dk for more info.